The WINGO based aircrafts will be modified to sustain a flight of about 500 km, in other words, the ability to remain in flight for more than 10 hours, being capable of carrying a payload of 40 Kg. Each aircraft has a precision altimeter.

In addition to the flight capacity, the UAV's are equipped with a communication system that will allow them to contact and send in real-time the images they are collecting. This communication will have two forms, depending on the distance to which they are from shore: directly, or by using the other aircraft the re-send the data.

Aboard an AIS identifier will handle the recognition of vessels in the monitoring area.
Two video cameras will be recording and sending signals to the control station: one in the visible spectrum and another working in the thermal spectrum that will measure ocean surface temperature.

The entire system will operate autonomously, although there is the possibility of changing at any time, the task parameters from the control station taking into account any situation that modelling has not found.