Sistema de Observações Costeiras e Oceânicas baseado em Drones

Each aircraft will be equipped with two video cameras, one operating on the visible and other on the infrared thermal specter. A altimeter system based on the GNSS (GNSS_R) signal and an Automatic Identification System transponder (AIS). During the flight some expandable bathythermographs will be deployed (AxBT). This will observe the vertical structure of the water mass in pre-defined points. Over the Goringe Bank a set of disposable autonomous submarine vehicles will collect and transmit data on the physical parameters of the water. They will operate up to total system failure.

The thermal camera installed on board will promote the collection of images on the superficial temperature along the whole of the flight. This images transmitted in “real-time” will be used to last minute adaptation on the deployment of the X-BT maximizing the usability of the collected data. The camera operating on the visible will supply information on maritime traffic, fishing activity or any other surface activity taken place that might be of relevance to the monitoring of human activity. Energy and communications might limit in this goal but at least over the Goringe Bank, the observation will take place. The GNSS R receptor, that will be developed by DEIMOS from it's current static system, will allow to collect the sea surface elevation data, opening the way to monitor the oceanic tidal and wave propagation through satellite navigation data - a worldwide innovative technology, led by DEIMOS.