First step

On september 15, after gathering the will and the means, began the work with the planning of actions for the next year.

Drone verified

Equipment behavior tests in Torres Vedras, with simulation of the various stages, possibly a flight to Berlenga.

Drone in the sky

500km demonstration flight, round trip, marine protected area in the Natura 2000 network, near Gorringe bank.

we will observe the ocean

Reality is getting near

News item: 16-11-2016

In a communication session that took place in the Hidrográfico on Monday the 14th...

Status point: 25th October 2016

News item: 03-11-2016

Partners meeting, at Uavision site, was a success.

Video - Demonstration flight at the IMMR'16

News item: 12-10-2016

Video of the demonstration flight operation that occurred during the IMMR'16.

Demonstration flight at the IMMR'16

News item: 29-07-2016

On last 15th of July, during the participation of the SOCO-DRONE project in the IMMR'16...