Reality is getting near

News item: 16-11-2016

In a communication session that took place in the Hidrográfico on Monday the 14th...

Status point: 25th October 2016

News item: 03-11-2016

Partners meeting, at Uavision site, was a success.

Video - Demonstration flight at the IMMR'16

News item: 12-10-2016

Video of the demonstration flight operation that occurred during the IMMR'16.

Demonstration flight at the IMMR'16

News item: 29-07-2016

On last 15th of July, during the participation of the SOCO-DRONE project in the IMMR'16...

4as. Jornadas de Engenharia Hidrográfica

News item: 30-06-2016

On last 21th of June, during the Jornadas de Engenharia Hidrográfica...

SOCO-DRONE went to school

News item: 19-05-2016

On May 17th and 18th, involving more than 600 children...

Project sheets

News item: 11-05-2016

Were made available the project sheets...

Forecasts - The Products

News item: 06-05-2016

During the May 5th meeting, held at the Hydrographic Institute, the first forecast products specifically designed for the mission to Gorringe were shown to the whole team...


News item: 04-05-2016

On the April 20th, it was held at the Hydrographic Institute an internal meeting...


News item: 15-04-2016

On 13 April, the SOCO-DRONE project attended the DESAFIAMAR Gala...

International Meeting on Marine Research 2016

News item: 16-03-2016

It is confirmed: A demonstration of the developments achieved to date...

Status report

News item: 25-02-2016

On the 23rd February the partners got together for an update on the diferent tasks that each has developed in the prosecution of the sucess.

Status report meeting

News item: 22-02-2016

23rd February 2016

Kick-Off meeting

News item: 07-11-2015

The heads of each identified task met, exchanged contacts and began the final decision of each of the steps for the future.

Release of the SOCO-DRONE site

News item: 06-11-2015

This site is your window to the development of an innovative project that brings together the expertise of three organizations with proven results: UAVision, Instituto Hidrográfico and Deimos.