Reality is getting near


In a communication session that took place in the Hidrográfico on Monday the 14th we heard good news.

The plane is ready and in full view so that we could all see it. The Ground Command Station is fully operational, the altimetry system is tested and ready to put into place.

These were some of the good news that António Jorge da Silva, Diogo Vicente and Pedro Silva (from Hidrográfico, UAvision and Deimos respectively) brought to a group of the stakeholders of the project in a one hour presentation during which a simulation of the flight was executed.

After takeoff we had the opportunity to learn some details on the meteorology data from the forecasts produced at Hidrografico specifically for the mission, the development of the AXBT to be used during the final mission that were developed by UAvision and the details of the altimetry experiment based on reflectometry developed by Deimos. The science promotional activities with children were revisited with a short video with excerpts from the theatre play “o menino e o Mar”, seen by over 700 students from the Torres Vedras area as well as a small display of their drawings regarding their view of what they have seen.

Present was the Norwegian ambassador, representatives from the Naval and aerial national Authority , as well as the organizations involved in the study, research and preservation of the ocean and it’s protected areas.

The next step will take place before the end of the month with a full real condition flight to take place in Açores. Watch this site for video streaming possibilities of the event.